Our students graduate with a creative mindset and the skills to pursue advanced education, artistic training, or a wide range of career paths.

Burrell Arts at Aurora Central High School is strategically located near the Colfax Arts District.This ideal location provides students access to one of our region's most progressive art scenes, including the Aurora Fox Theater and the Downtown Aurora Visual Arts Center (DAVA).

Additionally, Burrell Arts is one of the closest schools in APS to the Denver Performing Arts Center and many other art resources in the Denver Metro Area.

The Burrell Arts high school pathway is housed in Aurora Central High School. The school, which was built in 1931, has been completely renovated into a state-of-the-art multimedia arts and performing arts school. The Burrell Arts pathway will have the arts-integrated into the classrooms, the school also has dedicated spaces for creativity:

  • Troutman Theater
  • Game Design/Animation Creative Lab
  • Film Production Studio
  • Digital Music Creative lab
  • Art Studios
  • Instrumental and Vocal Rooms

In addition to the facilities at Aurora Central High School. Students in the Burrell Arts pathway, have access to our Aurora Central'sESC 4 (soon to be renovated into a state of the art arts center) and the facilities at theBurrell Arts Campus.

Aurora Central High School