Our students graduate with a creative mindset and the skills to pursue advanced education, artistic training, or a wide range of career paths so that they can thrive in today's changing artistic world.

The Charles Burrell Visual & Performing Arts Campus is the artistic flagship of Aurora Public Schools for aspiring young creators and creatives in grades K-12 who want an arts integrated-education that offers intensive experience in dance, stagecraft, music, film production, visual arts, and digital arts.

Students are immersed in comprehensive arts programs and rigorous academics so that they are ready to pursue creative careers or college degrees. Extensive performances and exhibitions give students opportunities and platforms to display their talents so that they become confident and develop their artistic potential. Our inspiring faculty who are practicing artist/educators work with students individually and encourage intellectual and artistic curiosity so that students work toward advanced levels of creative and artistic professionalism. Our diverse and talented staff and students create a community of shared passion, diverse perspectives, knowledge, skills, and professional expertise where students develop self-awareness and become well-rounded artist-scholars.

We promise to immerse students in an academic experience with a creative mindset

 Colorful Painting

We Value


We model confidence for our students by believing in ourselves as we make informed decisions, take risks, persevere, and self-reflect.


As a creative community, we celebrate the journey of individual and collective expression by honoring innovation, curiosity, imagination, and authentic experiences.


We are an empathetic, inclusive community that values everyone by creating safe spaces and amplifying voices.