Artistic Expression Through Visual and Digital Media

Burrell Arts visual and digital media programs foster individual exploration and artistic and innovative thinking. They are designed to give students the flexibility to adapt to situations relating to design and communication. Students develop their artistic skills by understanding fundamental principles and being able to incorporate them into meaningful and technically sound 2-D or 3-D works of art. Areas of study include: film/video production, animation and game design, graphic design, photography, drawing techniques and styles, color exploration, painting, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, and jewelry.

Students learn to grow and apply their strategic, creative and technical skills. They also learn how to strategize, plan, organize and manage different aspects of development and production in these different industries. Because real-world experience can be instrumental to career success students engage in independent productions throughout their development. Students with a wide range of backgrounds enter our program to learn and practice the foundations that will lead them towards personal style and innovation by their Senior year.

Our 4 art areas in multimedia are: Film Production, Game Design & Animation, Visual Arts, and Digital Music Production.