Audition Preparation

Prepare for Your Interview/Audition

This video will help you prepare for the upcoming Charles Burrell Visual and Performing Arts Campus auditions. It will help you prepare your portfolio and response samples, as well as get your mind ready for the interview questions and improvised task you'll have on the day of the audition.

woman singing

**Be sure to watch the creative lab in which you're interested as well as the Interview Questions & Auditions Improvisation at 30:41.**

For each Creative Lab, you can find guidance at the following timestamps:

Visual Arts -- 3:22

Digital Arts -- 8:25

Film Production -- 13:43

Dance -- 18:51

Theatre -- 22:33

Instrumental/Vocal to Production -- 25:13

Interview Questions & Audition Improvisation -- 30:41

Audition Guidance

During the application window, we offer workshops that will help yo prepare for your audition. Workshops are held after school or in the evening. If you are interested in attending, please submit the form below.