Performing Arts

Artistic Expression Through Performance

Burrell Arts performing arts programs provide not only the foundations of performing arts, but also foster artistic freedom and confidence in students. Students are encouraged to pick their own style and personality from within. Performing arts include dance, theater production, and instrument and vocal music production.

Students learn how to create, discover how to find their internal motivation, and develop as artists who can express their emotions in any way they wish to. At Burrell Arts, performing arts students become effective artisans, scholars and citizens with the means to reach their creative potential.

Hip hop dancer doing a jump move


Admission Audition Criteria (HS only)Apply for the Dance Program

Students: Is dance and performing your mode of expression? Dance is a great opportunity to stretch your mind as well as your limbs. Join us and learn how you can express your creativity and individuality in the best way!

Parents: We are in search of students who love to express themselves through traditional and contemporary dance expressions. Students will have the opportunity to work with outside choreographers to polish their craft as well as take a repertoire of Master Dance classes including but not limited to ballet, modern dance, tap, jazz, and others.

Our dance program, at its core, is created to prepare students to dance in college, professionally, or to enjoy and improve general movement. However, our philosophy is that all dance skills can be transferred to help students navigate the world and see life through an artistic lens. Dance allows students to master resilience and never give up. We will challenge our dancers to think and experience a diversity of thought, human experience, and ways of knowing. The program will include exposure to ballet, tap, jazz, modern, ballroom, world, and other contemporary dance forms. The dance program is designed to include rigorous dance techniques at all levels. Ballet, Freshmen year, will be a core foundation course. All students will learn performance techniques and be introduced to a variety of choreography. Dancers will create ensemble performances as well as solo works. Dancers will also participate in Masterclasses and be visited by local dance groups to learn from a variety of teachers. Students will be taken on trips to local dance companies and studios in the Aurora/Denver region. As students approach their Capstone requirement they may focus on a specific dance area of their choosing.

Admission Audition Criteria (HS only)Apply for the Dance Program
Drama class
Admission Audition Criteria (HS only)Apply for the Theater Program

theater production

Students: Do you like to visualize yourself winning an Oscar? Do you like to experiment with technology to light and make awesome sound effects for productions? If yes, then join us in this major!

Parents: We are in search of students aspiring to obtain a successful career related to theater.

The Theatre major seeks students who are interested in acting related to performance and participation in set construction, scenic artistry, costuming, lighting, sound, acting, stage managing, and administration. Students will be involved in a variety of productions such as plays, musicals, concerts, devised projects, and events. The course begins with a thorough overview of all core subjects related to professional theatre production. All students will gain experience in a variety of areas such as sound, lighting, video, stage management, construction, and scenic arts. Students will be able to choose one dedicated area for specialist development as they progress through the course, eventually taking production-critical responsibility for a variety of public performances both within the university and at external venues.

Admission Audition Criteria (HS only)Apply for the Theater Program
Young female guitar player

instrumental and vocal music production

Admission Audition Criteria (HS only)Apply for the Music Program

Parents: We are seeking students who are interested in traditional instruments and vocal production while also learning the ins and outs of the entertainment industry. Students will learn performing with traditional instruments and singing while learning to record, produce, and engineer music all while earning an industry-standard certification.

Students: Do you love to sing, play an instrument or create music on the computer? If the answer is yes, this major is for you! You will get hands-on experience in all aspects of traditional music and exposure to creating music digitally while earning an industry-standard certification. If yes, then this is the place for you!

Instrumental and Vocal Music Production majors seek students who are interested in audio production careers such as audio for radio and television broadcasting, audio for video and film, audio for animation and game design, and music production and live sound performance careers related to vocal and instrumental performances. This degree program enables aspiring musicians to pursue their passion while also honing their craft in an academic setting. Students will have the opportunity to be a part of ensemble groups and produce the music they are performing. They will learn from and be guided by some of the world's greatest musicians. They may also develop critical thinking skills as they analyze music and practice creative problem-solving. Graduates of this program are not limited to performing music. Individuals who hold this degree can pursue careers as music teachers, composers, therapists, musicians, and conductors.

Admission Audition Criteria (HS only)Apply for the Music Program